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Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow
Kristina Hall
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11th-Jun-2008 03:05 pm - Journal Has Moved
My journal has moved.

Personal Journal:sapphosdaughter
Art Journal: sds_art

Removed this journal from your f-list if you add the new one. :)
24th-May-2006 12:03 am(no subject)
Due to feeling like I need to purge...

My new journal is miss_pipsqueak. If you want to follow up on my life feel free to add me.

Also, my new journal needs a friends only banner, and a user picture... If anyone can design any for me this would make me very happy
1st-Feb-2006 02:50 am(no subject)
Serious acid reflux.

Anxiety = Stomach ouchies.

I have to go to work tomorrow I have to go to work tomorrow.

It frustrates me I desperately want to find something else and quit.

must wake jaz up at 6:30AM, then sleep til 8:30AM, get up, pack, and ger bus pass before leaving.
5th-Dec-2005 08:03 am - Clean-Up.
I'm doing a clean up of LJ.

Comment here if you want to be re-added/stay on my friends list.

Make sure to tell me how I know you, and who you are. :)



I'm also cleaning up my MSN.
Add kristina.hall@videotron.ca if you want to be on my list.
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